The Consortium as a whole

The SeeBridge consortium is lean, with a small number of partners, each of which have complementary skills and assets. It includes a leading bridge design and management firm (Kedmor), who are experts in bridge management information systems and in bridge design; a highly innovative and skilled IT company (Pointivo) with unique expertise in scanning and data acquisition in the built environment; a major leading BIM software and land survey equipment supplier (Trimble); and four first class university research teams (UCAM, Georgia Tech, TUM and Technion), each of which represent a distinct link in the information processing chain that can, for the first time, bridge the gap between rapidly scanned point cloud data and semantically rich parametric bridge information models of the kind needed for manipulation in BIM systems. The university teams are distinct not only in their disciplines (the Georgia tech team is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the UCAM, TUM and Technion teams are Civil Engineering) but also in their research focus: Georgia Tech specializing in image processing, UCAM in damage identification, TUM in parametric data modelling for bridges, and Technion in semantic enrichment of building models. It is this complementarity between the partners that gives the consortium its strength in terms of the problem at hand. It also enjoys the support of a major bridge owner (GDOT), who represents the needs of bridge owners and operators.