Seebridge Deliverables

Del. no. Deliverable name Date Posted
1.1 Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for typical information requirements for generic Bridge Management System (BMS) and for repair/rehabilitate/retrofit of highway bridges 19.10.2017
1.2 Criteria for evaluation of the completed SeeBridge system 19.10.2017
1.3 Model View Definition for Bridge inspection models, bound to IFC schema 19.10.2017
3A Top-down 3D Reconstruction
Data collection and data preparation including generation of ground truth models;
Top-down validation of the automated model extraction framework
3B Bottom-up 3D Reconstruction
Generation of training data based on IDM, and training of classification algorithm
Bottom-up validation of the automated model extraction framework
4.2 A series of rule-sets for inferring bridge components based on 3D geometry and topological relationship. Rule sets for girder bridges and for slab bridges 19.10.2017
6.1 Technology Readiness Level – Internal Assessment 19.10.2017
6.2 Project scientific report 19.10.2017
6.3 Demonstration workshop
A set of pre-recorded videos of the demonstration workshop sessions and a Seebridge demonstrator application.
Workshops were held in Atlanta, Cambridge and Tel Aviv on 18th Sept. 2017, and in Munich on 25th Sept. 2017.
6.4 Deliverable 4.1 Semantic Enrichment Engine  

Bridge Model View Definition

Reports/Documents Date posted
SeeBridge MVD – Detailed Exchange Requirements 31.3.2017