Seebridge Deliverables

Del. no. Deliverable name Date Posted
1.1 Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for typical information requirements for generic Bridge Management System (BMS) and for repair/rehabilitate/retrofit of highway bridges 19.10.2017
1.2 Criteria for evaluation of the completed SeeBridge system 19.10.2017
1.3 Model View Definition for Bridge inspection models, bound to IFC schema 19.10.2017
3A Top-down 3D Reconstruction
Data collection and data preparation including generation of ground truth models;
Top-down validation of the automated model extraction framework
3B Bottom-up 3D Reconstruction
Generation of training data based on IDM, and training of classification algorithm
Bottom-up validation of the automated model extraction framework
4.2 A series of rule-sets for inferring bridge components based on 3D geometry and topological relationship. Rule sets for girder bridges and for slab bridges 19.10.2017
6.1 Technology Readiness Level – Internal Assessment 19.10.2017
6.2 Project scientific report 19.10.2017
6.3 Demonstration workshop
A set of pre-recorded videos of the demonstration workshop sessions and a Seebridge demonstrator application.
Workshops were held in Atlanta, Cambridge and Tel Aviv on 18th Sept. 2017, and in Munich on 25th Sept. 2017.

Bridge Model View Definition

Reports/Documents Date posted
SeeBridge MVD – Detailed Exchange Requirements 31.3.2017