Journal Publications

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Reports/Documents Date posted
Video demonstration of semantic enrichment: I Object Classification 1.4.2017
Video demonstration of semantic enrichment: II Grid Reconstruction 1.4.2017
Video demonstration of semantic enrichment: III Occlusion Treatment 1.4.2017
Rule-sets for semantic enrichment of bridge information models 31.3.2017
SeeBridge Information Delivery Manual, Version 1.0 21.3.2016
Appendix E 25.3.2016
Appendix F 25.3.2016
Appendix G



Huthwohl, P., Lu, R., and Brilakis, I. (2016). “Challenges of bridge maintenance inspection” Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, 6th-8th July, 2016, Osaka, Japan, Page: 51-58

Lu, R., & Brilakis, I. (2017). Recursive Segmentation for as-is Bridge Information Modelling. In Lean & Computing in Construction Congress (LC3). Heraklion, Greece.

Ma, L., Sacks, R., and Kattel, U. (2017). ‘Building Model Object Classification for Semantic Enrichment using Geometric Features and Pairwise Spatial Relationships’ LC3 2017: Volume I – Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Computing in Construction (JC3), July 4-7, 2017, pp. 373-380. DOI:

Sacks, R., Kedar, A., Borrmann, A., Ma, L., Singer, D., and Kattel, U., (2016). ‘SeeBridge Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for Next Generation Bridge Inspection’, ISARC 2016 33rd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Sattineni, A. (ed.), Auburn University, Auburn AL, US, July 2016.

Dr. Ling Ma’s presentations in ISARC 2016:

Dr. Ling Ma’s demonstration of SeeBIM system:
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